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About Us

Engage Celebrants are professional, young celebrants. Think of us like a family - we share many things such as a love of ceremony, a passion for helping couples and families bring their dreams to life and a strong service ethos. However just as in any family we are all a little different, each with our own unique personality (see if you can spot the black sheep!).

To join us celebrants must pass a rigorous application process. This gives you peace of mind that all of our celebrants are not only fully qualified, we can also deliver a fantastic ceremony on your big day. Most importantly all of our celebrants love meeting couples and families, hearing their stories and then crafting a personal and memorable ceremony just for them.

You know you can rely on an EC celebrant to take the stress out of planning your ceremony. We also have the support and back-up of a great team behind them.

Your ceremony - anything is possible!

Civil ceremonies open up your choices with marriage, commitment, naming and renewal of vows ceremonies able to be held anywhere, at any time and with anyone involved (there are a few legals required for marriages). This is great news as it means that your day really can be all about you and the people you love! It can be a sincere formal do with all the trimmings or laugh out loud funny involving everyone there or anything in between.

With flexibility comes decisions and one of your biggest decisions will be your celebrant. Remember your ceremony is usually at the beginning of your celebrations so the mood set there will carry through and likely be a conversation point for the rest of the day. Engage Celebrants can make sure your guests are talking about it for all the right reasons and help you create a ceremony that is truly memorable (in a good way!).

Finding the perfect celebrant for you

There are over 10,000 celebrants authorised in Australia so how do you know who to choose? The best place to start is to look for an experienced, professional celebrant. This is not about having done the job for 20 years, it's about having the skills and most importantly the personality to work with you and bring your stories to life in a ceremony that reflects who you truly are. Have a look at our celebrant profiles. Videos and words will give you an insight into our personalities and an obligation free chat will help you make your final decision.

We look forward to celebrating with you!


Thank you to the wonderful photographers who have shared their images with us: Amanda HerzbergerKelly Luker and Lucy Leonardi.

Bridesmaids used to wear exactly the same outfit and veil as the bride. This was to confuse the evil spirits (or competing suitors!)