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Lucky Last on 12.12.12

121212 weddingIt was the last lucky triple date this century – and Engage Celebrants were busy marrying superstitious couples who wanted to combine their nuptials with numerology.

12/12/12 was the final time most of us will see a repeating date like that in our lifetimes and it was a busy day for marriage celebrants across Australia.

Fu and Susan were married by Engage Celebrant Melissa Soncini (wearing blue in the photo) in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens on 12/12/12 at 12 noon. And their ceremony finished on the dot of 12.12pm!

Here you can see their witnessess signing the register as Fu and Susan look on.

TV CameraABC News came along to film the ceremony and it was broadcast live on their Midday Report news bulletin. Special thanks go to the rangers at the Botanic Gardens for their help and patience.

Engage Celebrants founder Sarah Cummings said, “People like to get married on dates with unique number patterns. It certainly makes it easier to remember your anniversary. Last year 11/11/11 was a really busy day for our celebrants. Even though it was a Friday, many of us celebrated two weddings.”

The most recent data available on Australian marriages shows that on 10/10/10 there were 2454 weddings across the country. That compares to the daily average of 330.

12/12/12 came just a few weeks after 10/11/12 – another date combination seen as bringing good fortune. It was also another packed day of weddings for Engage Celebrants. Sarah Cummings said, "I married a couple on 10/11/12 who chose the day because they first met on 7/8/09. So for Manfred and Orsolya taking the next big step in their relationship on 10/11/12 seemed a natural progression!"

Numerology is seen as important in many cultures when it comes to weddings. The Chinese consider dates that include the numbers 8 and 9 to be fortunate. The Chinese word for ‘eight’ sounds like the word for ‘wealth’ and ‘nine’ rhymes with ‘long-lasting’.  June is also considered lucky for weddings because it's named after Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage.

But don't leave your wedding to luck - trust Engage Celebrants to make sure all goes to plan!

Engage Celebrants are young marriage celebrants in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne who love bringing fun and laughter to weddings, commitments, renewals and namings.

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