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Your wedding day - you've dreamed about it since you were little, you walking down the aisle to Pachabel's Cannon, on your father's arm, wearing a big white dress surrounded by hundreds of friends and family…

No? That's not what you want? Or maybe some of it is. Choosing a civil ceremony for your wedding means you can get married where you want, how you want and by whomever you think will make your wedding perfect (as long as they are registered of course).

Remember, this is your wedding day and people have come to see you get married so take the time to create a ceremony that truly reflects who you are. And make sure that you choose a celebrant who can help you achieve this. Engage Celebrants are young celebrants who believe in telling your story and helping you create the wedding you want.

In Australia there are two legal sections to a civil ceremony. These are the monitum (the bit where your celebrant explains who they are and what marriage is in Australia) and the vows (the bit where you both declare that you want to marry each other). Everything else is completely up to you.

This means that you can add your own personal vows (the legal bits are just that - legal - not very romantic), tell your story and include all the people you want to through readings and rituals. For some people that means their ceremony will wax lyrical for 45 minutes, for others it will be short and sweet. The average ceremony goes for around 25 minutes.

Civil celebrants are not religious ministers. Most civil ceremonies don't include any reference to religion. However if yours is an inter-faith relationship or including a religious element is important to you then talk to your celebrant about how best to do this.

So if you think a young marriage celebrant is just what you need to make your wedding perfect then have a look through our profiles and see who you click with then get in touch. Check out our blog for helpful hints and tips on all things ceremony and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with new posts.

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Queen Victoria started the Western world's white wedding dress trend in 1840 -- before then, brides simply wore their best dress