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I want to marry you!

So you've already had one wedding proposal..... now I want to marry you too!

Your marriage ceremony is the very heart of your wedding. I'm here to help you create a uniquely personal and stylish ceremony with just as much fizz as the champagne that’s chilling for your wedding breakfast.

Two people in love who want to make a lifetime commitment – that’s a wonderful thing! Love comes in all shapes and sizes, conventional and unconventional. It takes no notice of age, background, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, history or tradition. And neither do I! However you’ve found love, I’d be delighted to help you celebrate.

I love hearing and sharing people's stories. It's been my professional living for over 20 years. With a background in professional writing, I'm able to tell your story in a personal and engaging way. I have a passion for writing, able to craft exactly the right words in the style of your choosing to express exactly what you want to say.

I spent 10 years as a TV newsreader, so you can rest assured I'm an engaging public speaker with flawless delivery (with a totally awesome collection of ties!)

I strongly support Marriage Equality and conducted one of Australia's first legal same sex marriages in Canberra.

Let's get cracking and create your perfect ceremony!

"After the 30th or so compliment we received on our ceremony, I thought I had better pass on some of the feedback!

Our friends and family have been raving about the ceremony for the past week. They loved how personal it was and that they were entertained rather than bored by the celebrant! A lot of happy tears were shed by men and women alike and much of this I’m sure was due to your handcrafting of our ceremony.

Luke and I also really appreciate the professionalism you brought to all of our encounters and we are particularly grateful for how helpful you’ve been even after the wedding in answering our questions!!

I can’t recommend you enough to anyone who wants a thoughtful ceremony, invested celebrant and an overall joyful experience in the lead up to, and day of, their wedding.

Thank you for your contribution in making it the absolute best day of our lives."
Luke and Morag
"I loved every word and every paragraph you wrote, it’s so special and beautiful, thank you!

What you created was truly magnificent, you are really talented!"
Steve and Halina
"Stephen's greatest gift to us as our celebrant was his understanding of us as a couple.

From the initial email contact, he provided us with guidance through the legal process as well as helping us to shape a ceremony that reflected our values, humour and love. We were incredibly overwhelmed by the lengths he went to in contacting our friends and family to provide testimonials and to ensure that the significant people in our lives were a key part of the ceremony.

His presentation style helped us to achieve our goal wedding - one which stripped away the pomp and formality, instead focusing on celebrating love in the presence of our nearest and dearest.

The fact that Stephen achieved all of the above in a month (due to the window of opportunity for same-sex marriage in the ACT), was prepared to drive to Canberra and gave so much of his time and energy to us in preparation highlights his own character and integrity, and a genuine love for his profession."
Luke and Victor
"We have been impressed with your mix of professionalism, friendly disposition and positive attitude. You have made everything easy from our paperwork at the beginning to putting our ceremony together when it came closer to the big day.

The incredible script you put together for our ceremony made us laugh and cry and kept us relaxed leading up to our vows. So many of our friends and family have even remarked on how much more they enjoyed the ceremony than other weddings they have been to. It was incredible and flawlessly delivered."
Colin and Sakura

Stephen is a young, male marriage celebrant with Engage Celebrants and is based in Sydney. Music featured in the celebrant video is courtesy of Will Henderson.

Stephen Lee

Naremburn NSW  |  02 8005 8448 and 0425 765787

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The unity candle ceremony has its roots in an ancient tradition where parents of both the bride and groom carried fire from their own hearths to light a new fire in the newlyweds' hearth.

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